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Hadi E-learning, transforming your career through Free and Subsidized online IT training.

The mission we are on

The mission of Hadi E-Learning is to empower the youth with the treasure of technical knowledge. We want our talented youth to excel in this digital age and set higher benchmarks for themselves. We aim and strive to create opportunities for them so they don't have to stop on their road to success due to hurdles like fewer or no opportunities.

The vision we perceived

Hadi E-learning is an online IT training program that aims to uplift Pakistani youth through structured free online IT courses. Hadi’s motto is to enhance IT skills in youth so that they can become financially independent and contribute towards better economic conditions in the country.


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How Hadi has

Introducing Hadi E-Learning, empowering Pakistani youth with technical knowledge. Our mascot, Hadi, symbolizes leadership, mentorship, and friendship, guiding youth towards success. With subsidized access, we provide opportunities for all. Let Hadi be your career consultant and leader, unlocking doors to a prosperous future. Join us on this journey to positively impact the lives of Pakistani youth with one of the best online IT courses in Pakistan. Together, we can empower our youth and bridge the gap to global opportunities.


Pakistan's economic conditions have gone through turbulence in recent years. This situation has caused a void of opportunities in the countries which has discouraged the youth greatly. To address this disappointment among the youth of the country Hadi E-learning plans to offer:

  • Free and Subsidized Online IT Training to youth.
  • Training in in-demand futuristic fields.
  • Mentorship to make students ready for the industry.
  • Opportunities to be financially independent.
  • Strengthening the country's economy through skilled HR.

What students are saying

The 2-month graphic designing course has been amazing so far! I've gained a ton of new knowledge and the instructor is super helpful and supportive. It's been a fantastic experience!


Alizah Jamal