3Ds Max and AutoCAD Mastery Course

3Ds Max and AutoCAD Mastery Course

AutoCAD is a software product by Autodesk. It is developed to help in designing construction and civil engineering projects with 3d models. While 3Ds Max is a software that provides rendering of digital and physical objects. Making it a powerful tool for designing complex geographical designs and adding more aesthetical details to a construction project.

Our 3Ds Max and AutoCAD course aims to empower the students with the knowledge of both of these powerful tools used in the architectural engineering, civil engineering, and designing sectors. 

Through these programs, students will not only develop a skillset to master these software tools but will also learn the ways to implement their knowledge more effectively and efficiently in the particle domains. 

Overview of 3Ds Max and its Applications in architectural visualization, Understanding the interface and navigation tools, and Setting up project files and preferences
Creating accurate 3D models of architectural elements such as walls, floors, doors, and windows, Using modifiers and modeling tools to refine and detail architectural objects, and Working with reference images and blueprints for precise modeling
Understanding materials and shaders in 3Ds Max, Creating realistic material libraries for architectural surfaces and finishes, and Applying textures and maps to enhance visual quality
Exploring various lighting techniques for architectural scenes Setting up natural and artificial lighting sources Configuring rendering settings and options for high-quality output
Understanding camera types and their properties, Placing cameras to create dynamic and compelling shots, and Composing architectural scenes for optimal visual impact
Utilizing advanced rendering features such as Global Illumination (GI) and Ambient Occlusion (AO), Applying post-processing effects for enhanced realism, and Creating atmospheric effects like fog and depth of field
Optimizing scene performance and managing large-scale architectural projects, Using layering and grouping techniques for efficient scene organization, and Working with proxies and instancing to handle complex geometry
Overview of Architectural AutoCAD and its Applications in the architectural industry, Understanding architectural drawing conventions and standards, and Exploring the Architectural workspace and specialized tools
Creating and modifying walls, doors, windows, and other architectural elements, Working with layers and organizing drawing elements, and Using architectural scales and precision drafting techniques
Modifying object properties (color, line type, etc.), Adding text, dimensions, and annotations to drawings, and Using AutoCAD's annotation tools effectively
Creating building sections and elevations from floor plans, Adding dimensions and annotations to sections and elevations, and Using hatching and material representation techniques
Creating and editing architectural blocks and symbols, Inserting and manipulating building components from libraries, and Working with parametric objects like stairs and roofs


Ali Raza
Architecture Engineer
4+ years of experience in Architectural Engineering