Amazon VA Mastery Course

Amazon VA Mastery Course

We offer a comprehensive Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) Course designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide effective virtual assistance services for Amazon sellers. This course focuses on the key tasks and strategies involved in managing Amazon seller accounts, optimizing product listings, handling customer inquiries, and driving sales on the platform.

Through live online classes, students will learn the fundamentals of being an Amazon VA, including account management, product research, listing optimization, inventory management, customer service, and marketing techniques. They will gain practical experience with the tools and software commonly used in the Amazon ecosystem and develop a deep understanding of the best practices for success as an Amazon VA.

What is E-commerce? Platforms of the market, what is Amazon? Why are we doing business in the USA? What is FBA or FBM?
What are the important steps to create an account? Which documents are required to create an Amazon account?
What is LLC? What is a brand registry? What is VA?
How many modules of Amazon? Discuss Modules of Amazon
What is hunting? What is sourcing?
How many types of hunting? What tools will be required for hunting?
How to check the Keepa graph, how to apply filters on Keepa and how to read the Keepa graph?
What is a buy box? How to check top variations?
Brand hunting (task Assigned)
How to calculate monthly sales and profit?
Question /Answers Session
How to check an Authentic sourcing website?


Mahum Fatima
Amazon VA Expert
5+ Years of Experience as Amazon VA