Data Analysis with Looker Studio

Mastering Data Analysis with Looker is a comprehensive course meticulously crafted to empower participants with the essential skills required to leverage Looker Studio effectively for insightful data analysis. From grasping the fundamentals of LookML modeling language to crafting advanced visualizations and reports, this course offers hands-on experience in cleaning, transforming, and modeling data. Participants will navigate Looker's intuitive interface, connect seamlessly to diverse data sources, and master the art of creating interactive dashboards and reports. Through a series of structured modules, learners will delve into foundational data analysis concepts, explore advanced visualization techniques, and hone their skills in SQL for enhanced data analysis within Looker. The culmination of the course entails a real-life project where participants apply their acquired knowledge to tackle authentic data challenges, showcasing their proficiency in leveraging Looker for data-driven insights.


Aroosa Rehman
Data Analyst
3+ years of experience in Data Analysis