Digital Media Marketing Mastery Course

Digital Media Marketing Mastery Course

Digital Marketing strategies depend on a variable set of skills, from communications and content to data and analytics. As Information Technologies continue to advance and disrupt the format consumers engage with brands, retailers must implement techniques to stay responsive and relevant. Hadi E-Learning provides you with the platform for successful digital marketing strategies. We apply different emerging tactics through a blend of videos, articles, case studies, and interactive group activities.

The Digital Media Marketing Mastery Course aims to provide youth with a deeper understanding of strategic digital marketing campaigns and the role of multiple digital channels in executive goals through integrated marketing communication. Hadi E-Learning Center aims to develop a clear concept of digital marketing strategy with actionable, data-driven frameworks required to leverage the power of emerging technologies.

The Digital Landscape, Overview of Digital Marketing, and Review of Digital Marketing Channels.
Introduction, Content Creation and Learning About Trends etc.
Crafting effective email campaigns.
Introduction, Understanding Search Engines, Keyword Research, and Analysis, On-Page Optimization, Technical SEO & more...
Introduction, The Power of Social Media Influencers, Identifying Target Audiences and Goals, Developing Influencer Marketing Strategies, and more...
Target audience identification, Setting goals, and Creating a comprehensive strategy.
Voice search and chatbots, Artificial intelligence in digital marketing & Influencer marketing, and social media trends.


Faris Rizvi
Digital Marketing Instructor
4+ years of experience in Digital Marketing