Digital Media Marketing Mastery Course

Digital Media Marketing Mastery Course

Digital Marketing strategies depend on a variable set of skills, from communications and content to data and analytics. As Information Technologies continue to advance and disrupt the format consumers engage with brands, retailers must implement techniques to stay responsive and relevant. Hadi E-Learning provides you with the platform for successful digital marketing strategies. We apply different emerging tactics through a blend of videos, articles, case studies, and interactive group activities.

The Digital Media Marketing Mastery Course aims to provide youth with a deeper understanding of strategic digital marketing campaigns and the role of multiple digital channels in executive goals through integrated marketing communication. Hadi E-Learning Center aims to develop a clear concept of digital marketing strategy with actionable, data-driven frameworks required to leverage the power of emerging technologies.

● Evolution of Digital Marketing ● Social Media Channels ● Digital Marketing Funnels
● Search Engine Optimization ● E-mail Marketing ● Social Media Marketing ● Social Media Campaigns
● Introduction ● Keywords Research ● On-page SEO ● Off-Page SEO ● Technical SEO
● Introduction ● Email Campaigns ● LinkedIn for Email Marketing
● Introduction ● Social Media Marketing ● Content Creation and Learning About Trends etc ● Social Media Channels Overview
● Paid Campaign Strategies ● Detailed Targeting ● Objective ● Content Plan ● Organic Campaign Strategies
● Meta Ads Manager ● Google Ads Manager ● LinkedIn’s Ad Manager
● Marketing Funnels ● Business Strategies
● Importance of Digital Marketing in Business ● Digital Marketing Scope in Business ● Career as Digital Marketer
● Marketing Tools ● Digital Marketing Trends ● Next Age for Digital Markers
● Learn How to Become an Entrepreneur as a Digital Marketer


Parwasha Islam
Digital Media Marketing Expert
5+ years of experience in Digital Media Marketing