Shopify Mastery Course

Shopify Mastery Course

Hadi E-Learning drives you to the world of Shopify to develop advanced IT skills in our youth. This perfectly designed course emphasizes delivering variable methodologies, concept building, and advanced tools to revolutionize the state of the art. These mastery courses will guide you in building an e-commerce store for financially rewarding business development.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that encourages you to start and manage a business. You can create and customize an online store set up and sell your products at variable places including social media, web, mobile, online marketplaces, etc

Overview of E-commerce, Overview of Different E-commerce Models, Why choose Shopify?, Overview of Shopify and its features, Signing up for a Shopify account, Setting up your initial store settings, Exploring the Shopify admin panel
Understanding the importance of a theme, Exploring the Shopify theme store, Evaluating and selecting a theme for your store, Customizing your chosen theme
Understanding product types and attributes, Creating product categories and collections, Adding individual products with details and images, Setting up variants and inventory management, Creating compelling product descriptions, Utilizing high-quality product images and videos, Implementing product reviews and ratings, Using trust badges and seals to increase credibility
Configuring payment gateways, Handling orders and fulfillment, Managing customer communication, Setting up shipping options and rates
Exploring the Shopify App Store, Installing and configuring essential apps for your store, Exploring different app categories and their functionalities, Integrating third-party services and tools
Utilizing the Shopify Theme Builder, Modifying and organizing sections within your theme, Customizing your store's header, footer, and other layout elements, Optimizing your store for mobile devices
Structuring your store's navigation for easy exploration, Creating drop-down menus and subcategories, Utilizing breadcrumb navigation, Implementing search functionality, Understanding the importance of SEO for your Shopify store, Conducting keyword research for product optimization, Optimizing product titles, descriptions, and URLs, Utilizing meta tags, alt tags, and heading tags
Integrating social media platforms with your Shopify store, Creating and managing Facebook and Instagram shops, Leveraging social media marketing techniques, Exploring additional marketing channels (e.g., Google Shopping, Pinterest), Basic Intro to Digital Marketing, How to Run Fb & Insta Ads
Utilizing the Shopify Analytics dashboard, Understanding key metrics and performance indicators, Tracking sales, conversions, and customer behavior, Identifying opportunities for improvement
Understanding the principles of CRO, Conducting A/B testing with Shopify's built-in features, Optimizing the checkout process and reducing cart abandonment, and Utilizing pop-ups and exit-intent offers for lead capture.
Introduction to the Dropshipping model, How Dropshipping works, Pros and cons of Dropshipping, Finding profitable niches and products, Setting up a Dropshipping store on Shopify, Selecting reliable suppliers, Order fulfillment and logistics, Handling customer service in Dropshipping, Marketing strategies for Dropshipping, Case studies of successful Dropshipping businesses
Understanding Private Label (PL) branding, Benefits of the PL model, Sourcing products for Private Label, Creating a unique brand identity, Designing and customizing PL products, Pricing strategies for PL products, Marketing and promoting PL products, Scaling a PL business on Shopify, Case studies of successful PL brands, Exploring White Label (WL) products, Differences between PL and WL models, Identifying suitable WL suppliers, Customizing WL products for your brand, Legal considerations in White Labeling, Pricing and profit margins in WL, Marketing strategies for White Label products, Scaling a WL business on Shopify, Case studies of successful WL brands
Introduction to the Print on Demand (POD) model, Types of POD products (apparel, accessories, etc.), How POD integrates with Shopify, Creating and designing custom POD products, POD printing methods and quality considerations, Setting competitive prices for POD items, Marketing strategies for POD products, Fulfillment and order management in POD, Case studies of successful POD stores.
Introduction to the live store-building demonstration, Selecting a specific niche or product for the demonstration, Step-by-step walkthrough of setting up a new Shopify store, Configuring essential store settings and preferences, Choosing a suitable theme and customizing its design, Adding products, including descriptions, images, and variants, Setting up collections and organizing products effectively, Configuring payment gateways and shipping options, Implementing essential apps for enhanced functionality, Optimizing product pages for conversions and SEO, Customizing navigation menus and site structure, Implementing marketing strategies and promotions, Configuring analytics and tracking for performance measurement, Troubleshooting common issues and pitfalls during the process, demonstrating the importance of ongoing store maintenance and updates
Introduction to the practice assignment and its objectives, Providing a detailed brief or scenario for the assignment, Assigning specific tasks related to Shopify store creation and optimization, Setting a deadline for completion and submission of the assignment, Providing resources and guidelines for assistance during the assignment, Offering feedback and evaluation criteria for assessing the assignment, Encouraging students to apply the knowledge gained throughout the course, Emphasizing the importance of practical application and hands-on experience.
Overview of freelancing opportunities in the Shopify ecosystem, Exploring different freelance platforms and job boards, Building a compelling portfolio to showcase Shopify skills and expertise, Understanding client requirements and effective communication, Setting competitive pricing and managing project timelines, Leveraging marketing and networking strategies for client acquisition, Best practices for delivering high-quality work and exceeding client expectations, Managing client relationships and handling feedback and revisions, Scaling and growing a freelance business in the Shopify industry, Discussing common challenges and how to overcome them
Dedicated session for students to ask questions and seek clarifications, Encouraging students to submit questions in advance for a more structured session, Addressing specific concerns, challenges, and doubts related to the course material, Providing additional insights, tips, and resources based on student queries, Sharing real-life examples and case studies related to Shopify store creation and optimization, Promoting discussion and interaction among students to foster peer learning, Summarizing key takeaways from the course and reinforcing important concepts, Concluding the Q&A session with final remarks and guidance for further learning


Hunzala Baloch
Content Management Systems Expert
6+ years of experience in WordPress and Shopify.