The Freelancing Masterclass

The Freelancing Masterclass

The online course by the Hadi e-learning system is specifically designed to deliver multiple concepts, tools, and methodologies to freelancers. You will be introduced to the challenges and benefits of freelancing from scratch. This course will guide you with some essential steps to develop and maintain a financially rewarding and successful business via some feasible but focused modules.

The variability of choice, time, and mobility is the key demand of the present era. Freelancing is the best suitable option to achieve a lucrative and attractive approach. We sharply focussed on guiding you to achieve early success. The lectures will teach you all the essential tools and information required to create a dream freelancing business in a narrow time frame. So, enroll in this course and explore the world of freelancing to transform your life. This course will be of great interest to researchers, students, aspiring or professional freelancers, and enthusiasts. It is the perfect career choice, chiefly when you have a dedication to the skill you want to be paid for. So, register now and initiate your next learning journey today

Setting goals, Skill development & practice, skill level and progression, Time management techniques, and Introduction to pros & cons of accounting software.
Identify the best projects and distinguish between real and fake projects, The key factor to gaining client attention in bids, steps to follow after winning a project, and meeting deadlines.
Prerequisites introduction for dealing with outsourced developers and the Importance of designing prototypes.
Offering ideal deals and discounts, the Importance of understanding client projects, Professional customer response, Conflict management between clients & freelancers, and Prompt customer response time.
Tips for creating an eye-catcher profile and impressive portfolio, Wining projects on Upwork, Presenting your portfolio, Providing free mock-ups and Using mobile apps for freelancing.
Traditional vs modern freelancing marketplaces, Overview of,,, Creating, optimizing, promoting gigs, and Offering services on Fiver.
Introduction and importance of Payoneer, Payoneer verification process, Alternatives to Payoneer to payment withdrawal, and Solutions for creating and creating a Pakistani bank account as a freelancer.


Syed Mughees
7 Years of experience in freelancing