WordPress Mastery Course

WordPress Mastery Course

Hadi E-Learning drives you to the world of WordPress to develop advanced IT skills in our youth. This perfectly designed course emphasizes delivering variable methodologies, concept building, and advanced tools to revolutionize the state of the art. These mastery courses will guide you about the content management system.

Welcome to the absolute world of WordPress and Shopify Mastery Course! This course is plotted to guide you with the basic and fundamental concepts of WordPress and Shopify, and how to develop an outstanding blogging and business website from scratch.

WordPress is an open-source platform for Content Management Systems (CMS). this free-of-cost feature allows you to build dynamic blogs and websites. Being the most popular blogging system it allows customizing, updating, and managing websites from its back-end components.

Introduction to WordPress and its features, Overview of local development environments (XAMPP, WAMP, etc.), Installing and configuring XAMPP, Installing WordPress on a local server
Exploring the WordPress dashboard and its components, Creating and managing posts, pages, and media, Understanding categories and tags, Configuring basic site settings
Introduction to WordPress themes and their role, Choosing and installing a theme, Customizing the theme's appearance and layout, Working with widgets and menus, Understanding child themes
Introduction to WordPress plugins and their functions, Installing and activating essential plugins, Exploring popular plugins for different purposes (SEO, security, contact forms, etc.), Configuring and managing plugins, Best practices for plugin selection and management
Introduction to custom post types and taxonomies, Creating custom post types for specialized content (e.g., portfolios, testimonials), Configuring custom taxonomies for better content organization, Customizing the archive pages and templates for custom post types
Introduction to WordPress theme development, Understanding the structure of a WordPress theme, Setting up a basic theme folder structure, Creating and modifying template files (header, footer, sidebar), Implementing custom CSS styles and basic theme options
Understanding the benefits of using a page builder like Elementor, Installing and activating Elementor, Overview of the Elementor interface and elements, Building a basic page layout with Elementor
Intro to Elementor AI, AI Generated Content, Images, CSS & Code with help of AI, Intro to Web10 AI Tool, Building a Website with Web10 AI Tool
Introduction to SEO and its importance for websites, Configuring SEO settings in WordPress, Optimizing content for search engines, Utilizing SEO plugins and tools, Best practices for on-page and off-page SEO, Discuss AI Tools & Plugins for SEO Optimization
Understanding the impact of website speed on user experience and SEO, Evaluating website performance using tools like GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights, Caching techniques and plugins, Optimizing images and media files, Minification and compression of CSS and JavaScript files, Implement AI Tools for Speed Optimization
Understanding common security threats to WordPress websites, Implementing strong user authentication measures, Securing the WordPress installation and file permissions, Using security plugins and firewalls, Using AI Malware Scanner Plugin
Introduction to WooCommerce and its features, Installing and configuring WooCommerce, Adding and managing products, Setting up payment gateways and shipping options, Customizing the WooCommerce store
Performing regular WordPress updates, Monitoring and maintaining website performance, Troubleshooting common WordPress issues, Fixing plugin and theme conflicts, Utilizing WordPress support resources
Understanding the importance of website backups, Implementing backup strategies and schedules, Configuring backup plugins and tools, Restoring your WordPress website from a backup, Testing backup and restore processes
Planning and outlining the website structure, Selecting a suitable theme or building a custom theme, Creating necessary pages and navigation menus, Adding and customizing content (text, images, videos), Configuring plugins for additional functionalities, Optimizing the website for speed and performance, Implementing SEO best practices, Testing the website and ensuring responsiveness
Introducing a practice assignment to reinforce learning, Providing a detailed project brief or scenario, Guiding students through the process of implementing the assignment, Offering resources and support for completing the assignment, Encouraging students to showcase their work and seek feedback
Exploring opportunities in WordPress freelancing, Understanding the freelance market and client expectations, Building a strong portfolio and online presence, Pricing strategies and negotiating contracts, Managing client relationships and expectations, Best practices for delivering successful WordPress projects as a freelancer, UpAlert & 2nd Brain AI Tools for Fiverr & Upwork
Dedicated session for addressing student questions and concerns, Encouraging students to submit questions in advance, Discussing common challenges and providing solutions, Clarifying concepts and reinforcing key learnings, Offering additional guidance and resources based on student inquiries


Hunzala Baloch
Content Management Systems Expert
6+ years of experience in WordPress and Shopify.