Master Data Analysis: A Professional Wokrshop on Looker Studio

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of data analysis with our one-day workshop, 'Visual Data Analysis with Looker Studio.' Designed to empower professionals, analysts, and enthusiasts alike, this intensive session provides a comprehensive introduction to Looker Studio, a powerful platform for visual data analysis. Throughout the day, participants will dive deep into Looker's features, mastering the LookML modeling language, navigating the user-friendly interface, and crafting dynamic dashboards. From foundational data analysis principles to advanced visualization techniques, attendees will gain practical skills in querying, cleaning, and visualizing data, equipping them with the tools needed to extract meaningful insights and drive informed decision-making. Join us for an immersive experience where theory meets practice, and emerge ready to harness the full potential of Looker Studio in your data analysis endeavors.



  1. Introduction to Looker Studio: Overview, LookML, Navigation, Dashboard Customization.
  2. Foundations of Data Analysis: Concepts, Dataset Exploration, Basic Queries, Filters.
  3. Data Cleaning and Preparation: Techniques, Data Transformation, SQL Introduction.
  4. Advanced Visualization: Tools, Dashboards, Customization.
  5. SQL for Advanced Data Analysis: Techniques, Optimization, Functions.


In closing, this workshop has equipped you with essential skills in Looker Studio, paving the way for confident and effective visual data analysis. Remember, this is just the beginning. Keep exploring, learning, and applying your knowledge to real-world challenges. Stay connected with the Looker community and embrace growth opportunities. Your journey to mastering visual analysis has begun, and we're excited to see the impact you'll make in the data-driven world.

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